Five-story amusement park being added to Singapore airport

Changi Airport in Singapore has been repeatedly voted as the best in the world for its unusual amenities. It is the ideal place for a lengthy stopover, with its own butterfly garden, two movie theatres, entertainment deck and 12-metre-high slide.

To take it to the next level, plans have been announced to add a five-story amusement park. Designed by award-winning architect, Moshe Safdie, the park will be enclosed in a huge glass structure, complete with a 131-foot waterfall. Called the Rain Vortex, the attraction will become the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and feature both light and sound in its design.

The park will have a topiary walk featuring larger than life stuffed animals.

Guests will also be able to explore a maze made of 6-foot hedges.

An indoor flower garden complete with floral sculptures will also feature in the park, providing guests with colourful scenery.

Younger guests will even have the chance to play amongst simulated clouds.

If the scenery and views are not enough, a trampoline-like bouncing net that overlooks the park will provide thrills for guests.

The park is set to open in 2019 at this revolutionary airport.

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